We Provide Procurement as a Service. This means the pricing of goods is on a “cost plus” basis – the plus being an agreed-upon margin in return for a set of services. This transparent pricing policy makes our acquisition costs both visible to and auditable by our clients.
We’d rather create long-lasting relationships with our customers than make a quick profit on a deal, so our margin stays fixed from the beginning. Then we leverage our manufacturer relationships to ensure you’re getting the best product at the best price, all tracked and reported on by a mature governance model. And because we anticipate your company’s evolving needs, we’re able to procure technology that makes sense for the long term.
We have experience in IT hardware and Telco devices, asset management and banking system.

We procure IT Hardware and telco devices :

1. Computer, Laptop, Printer
2. UPS, Server, Network

We procure for :

1. Tracking System
2. Document Management System

We procure for :

2. ATM Machine
3. EDC

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